We proudly support our brand partners through cross-promotion, strategic marketing and planning to ensure optimal sales results and continued sales growth. Consumer research shows that it is in-store, on the shelf where over 70 percent of purchase decisions are made. We invest into point of sale materials and ensuring sales staff are knowledgeable as this can increase sales dramatically. We have a range of support and marketing materials to help increase your sales. These items have been created with your customers in mind to make selling, selecting and using our products as simple and effective as possible. Here are just some things we have on offer:

Competitions & Prizes

 Competitions If you’re interested in running a competition, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with the details about what you’d like to do. We would happily work out something to suit your promotion and supply a prize or two!

POS Display Units

 POS Display Units Displaying our products has never been easier with these practical and eye-catching display boxes! They give the products immediate visual impact, increase their shelf presence and assist with brand recognition.


 Articles As the experts in all things waxing, we regularly write articles for blogs, magazines and trade publications. If you would like us to write a regular contribution piece, a one-off about a particular topic, offer some advice or even provide a quote, we’d love to help! Please email info@waxxie.com. Click HERE to read some of our recent articles.


 Website Our websites are a great resource for your staff, sales team and of course, your customers. They are always kept up to date with the latest product information, frequently asked questions and promotions. See www.waxxxie.com and www.bumperaiser.com.au.

Social Media – Get involved!

 Social Media Our social media pages are a great marketing tool to get involved with. Like, comment and share our posts. The posts are light hearted, fun and designed for your customers. We have done the hard work for your – all you have to do is share it with your followers! Don’t forget to tag your posts with @Waxxxie or @BumpeRaiser so we can share it with our followers. Waxxxie:  Facebook. Bump eRaiser: Facebook. Twitter.

Image Bank

  Our image banks are always kept up to date with the most recent, hi-resolution product images and logos. You can download images for your website and promotions at any time by clicking these links: Waxxxie Image Bank. Bump eRaiser Image Bank.

In-store Training

In-Store Training2 We offer extensive training and support on all our product ranges in a one on one or workshop environment. Our highly experienced training team are dedicated to presenting unique waxing workshops and demonstrations to give retail staff the confidence and ability to offer professional sales advice to their customers. Workshops can be tailored to suit individual, store  or group needs.

Events & Waxing Bars

We love talking to consumers and trade professionals about all things waxing! Maybe you’re looking for some in-store demonstrations for your customers or a Waxxxie Brow Bar during a key promotional period? Our waxing experts can attend your store or event to provide waxing advice, free samples and give your customers and staff the chance to have all of their questions answered. If you’re interested in having a Waxxxie Waxing Booth at your store or event please get in touch via info@waxxxie.com
We wish you all the best and hope you find this marketing support valuable. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any other ideas for how we can help! Simply email info@waxxxie.com