We are Waxxxie, your salon quality use-at-home depilatory range made by Australia’s leading professional wax manufacturer.

Our story begins in 1979 with beauty therapist, Lilliane Caron. Working in her busy salon, Lilliane became frustrated with the expensive, inferior, difficult to use waxes on the market; so she set about formulating her own range of hard and strip waxes. Lilliane recognised that consumers, as well as beauty therapists, deserved access to professional quality waxes too, so they could easily achieve a salon result in the comfort of their own bathroom.

With that sole purpose, Lilliane Revolutionized at-home waxing with the introduction of the first microwaveable warm wax on supermarket shelves and ever since has continued to grow the range with salon quality hair removal alternatives to suit all skin and hair types.

Here’s a few reasons why Waxxxie is…

Made by professional Beauty Therapists

  • Yes that’s right. Waxxxie is manufactured by Caronlab, Australia’s leading professional wax manufacturer. Caronlab make over 450 products, service over fifty percent of the professional waxing market in Australia and export to over 20 countries.

You don’t get redness, itchiness and bumps like you do with other brands

  • There’s no point in having hair-free skin if it’s red, itchy and covered in ingrown hairs and bumps! The professional ingredients and manufacturing methods used to formulate every Waxxxie product make it so easy to achieve a salon result in your own bathroom. Waxxxie is made with the very best ingredients, which do not cause irritation, and they also ensure our products are always consistent batch to batch. We receive feedback all the time from people who can really feel the difference with our waxes and this is what we are most proud of.
Rednesss, Itchiness, Bumps2

Made in Australia

  • Not only are you supporting local businesses by choosing Waxxxie, but you can be confident that our manufacturing facilities and regulations are to the highest standards.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on offering a waxing solution for every body:

  • We’re Australian made and owned
  • We have high ethical standards
  • We are Halal approved
  • Some of our products are Vegan friendly
  • We support local businesses
Waxxxie Values

In-store Training

  • We’re the experts in wax. We have trainers that travel the world teaching World-renowned waxing techniques and skills to beauty schools, therapists and trade professionals. Please email info@waxxxie.com if you’d like to find out more about in-store training.